Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love that 'New Site' smell!

Alright everybody, welcome to our new site! If you are coming over from Warbear/Hero's ruin you may recognize the layout, as it hasn't changed much. It's just a new name and new pictures really.

You may be wondering what I've been doing for the past few months. My posts were scarce and I kept changing the site around. No, I didn't lose interest. No, I didn't have a horrible accident and I certainly didn't die.

The truth is - my friend Noah and I have decided to throw our hat into the ring of game design and production. Our business is called "Hero's Ruin Game Co." and our first project is a game of his design. Under the working title of The Saboteurs!, it is a two player combat strategy game fought over a steam-punk battlefield. The game design is complete and the play-testing is finished. Now we've got to focus our efforts on getting funded and getting ourselves some professional artwork. It's very exciting stuff. Terrifying, but exciting!

While waiting for The Saboteurs! to move along we've also started development on a second game; a larger scale combat game for 2-8 players. I'd like to say more, but it's all a bit top secret at the moment.

Anyway, we aren't here to talk about that stuff, we're here to talk about the games we're playing.

We have restarted our Pathfinder RPG campaign. It still takes place in our homebrew campaign world of Lergus. I still preside as GM and the party so far consists of a fighter, a monk, a wizard and a cleric/sorcerer. This weekend's game looks to introduce two new regular players but their classes are still a mystery to me.

So far their adventures have taken place in the large town of Ludkona. It is the westernmost town in the country of Skoldland. Skoldland itself is the westernmost member-nation of the Holy Empire of Man and borders the last remaining portion of the elf dominion.

In the nearby forest known as The Withering Wood, the players have found themselves rescuing kidnapped half-elves, making deals with ettercap matrons and even doing things... well... things I won't go into detail about with a night hag. During our annual Christmas game they found themselves tracking the elusive and ever dangerous Krampus. An otherworldly fiend who kidnaps naughty children in the middle of the night. Upon discovering him they were presented with quite a quandary... You see, the Krampus is no normal demon or devil, he was created for a purpose and serves his purpose willingly every year. Do the players let the Krampus live and lose the children? Or do they slay the beast and risk suffering the wrath of the gods?

 This is the Krampus. Check out his Wikipedia page by clicking here.

They settled on striking a deal with him. He was trapped in this part of the world by a group of hags. The group took care of the hags and the Krampus left town, taking only the two naughtiest children with him. While not 100% successful, the party returned to town as heroes and (like every Christmas game) were rewarded with a single wish. Unfortunately (this also happens every Christmas game!) one of their number had fallen in battle and they used the wish to bring him back.

It's getting a bit late for me so I'll end it here. Stay tuned for my next article about persistent characters in our campaign worlds.

Until next time, happy gaming!

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