Thursday, February 7, 2013 the Past!

So I was browsing through the RPG section of my FLGS (Showcase Comics, if you read the last article) when I discovered a little corner shelf!

"Discover" probably isn't the right word, I mean the shelf had always been there, but what was on the shelf took me by surprise.

Not only did the store start carrying old editions of RPGs, they managed to have a copy of First Quest! Now I know it isn't a rarity by any means but it's a treasure to me. You see, First Quest was my first real foray into Dungeons & Dragons and the world of RPGs.

 I imagine the fighter's next move is to brutally extend his middle finger.

First Quest is a bare-bones version of AD&D second edition. It includes figures, a DM Screen, a stripped-down rulebook, two spell books, a full color monster/treasure book, a double sided map, character sheets and a dramatic wall poster. I swear, the box lists it as dramatic.

Go ahead, have a minute to take in all that drama...

What I view as the hands-down coolest feature of the game is it's included CD! The box claims you can "Play it's audio CD and hear monsters, magic and mysterious dungeons spring to life. As the CD's interactive adventures, sound effects, and music ring forth, you and your friends play fighters, wizards, clerics and thieves."

I don't know about you, but that snippet seems like it needs about a million more exclamation points.

I wonder if they'll still honor these advertisements? I sure could use an attractive membership pin.

I have nothing but fond memories of this set. I remember sitting on my friend Brett's bedroom floor playing with him, his little brother and our friend Dave. It wasn't only my first time playing D&D, it was the first time I played a cleric, which is still my favorite class to this very day. It was my first time discovering a gelatinous cube and my first time seeing dice with more than six sides!

Now that I've got my grubby paws on the set, I'll probably try running it at some point in the future, as long as I can find a CD player somewhere...

CDs were so expensive!

 Until next time, happy gaming! 

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